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Watching your weight and weight watchers. I sense big brother here.

All about losing weight to using workouts to lose weight.

For me its the Stomach fat , that seems to be the hardest.

Allways looking for tips from my readers to add to my simple blog.

C is for Cookie --no Cookies!!


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DELICIOUS 100 calorie snack ideas. Eating #4 right now!

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Check out 15 Fattening Alcoholic Drinks to Avoid!
#1 is a good one to try!
Don't drink these


What to eat ?

Only 15 ?

Here is one
So every day after having breakfast learn to make water you main drink. During the breakfast if you insist drink soft drinks as much as you want, have some fruit juice (a healthier choice) but throughout the rest of the day, drink water only.
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Top 5 Diets to Watch in 2012

Top 5 Diets to Watch in 2012

The hottest diets of the New Year promote a back-to-basics approach to eating and weight loss, and are (mostly) fad-free

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Are Some Diet Drugs Rising From the Ashes?

Is obesity-drug development the regulatory graveyard that it’s now widely thought to be?
The last year hasn’t been kind to makers of potential obesity treatments. The FDA has rejected one after another. Among those getting the Heisman were Qnexa from Vivus, lorcaserin from Arena and Contrave from Orexigen and Japan’s Takeda.
Under FDA pressure, Abbott last year removed its weight-loss drug Meridia from the market.

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The dilemma of a cook who finally lost weight

It is the consummate, diet-related cliché: "You can stop drinking, or smoking, but you can't just stop eating." You can, of course, stop eating; Gandhi used that strategy to magnificent effect. As a method of reaching a healthy weight, however, it's frowned upon. What you have to do to lose weight is not to stop eating, but to stop eating the way you used to eat. I'm doing it, and it's working, but it complicates the hell out of my life as a cook.
I've struggled with weight all my life, losing and regaining the same 30+ pounds several times. I established a pathetic pattern worthy of a medieval tapestry: the large woman stops eating (anything, carbs, second helpings and fast food), exercises (incorrectly, so intensely that she gets shin splints, until she abhors the sight of her Nikes) and becomes smaller. She buys tinier clothes, and basks in the admiration of all of the people who want to know her "secret." She gets busy, stressed, cocky and inattentive and starts to eat like she used to, she becomes larger again, and in the final tableau she is folding her smaller clothes and putting them in bags to donate to Goodwill, and then pulling the larger versions from the back of the closet where she saved them for the inevitable.
This time, I used health and moderation as my guides. With the help of my beloved iPhone

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Exhibit gives you a peek at diets of others worldwide

Normally, it would be rude to stare at a stranger’s meal, much less judge it. But the exhibit “What I Eat: Around the World in 25 Diets” is an invitation to do just that.
“These are virtual meals where you’re voyeuristically looking at what people are eating,” said journalist Faith D’Alusio, who wrote the text that accompanies the photos by her husband, Peter Menzel. “And you immediately contrast it with your own diet and start thinking, ‘Why does the food look so different in each photograph?’”
Each color photo shows a person with the food he or she ate on a particular day. The photos were taken in 17 countries and include a Maasai cattle herder, a Sudanese refugee in Chad, a Chinese acrobat, an American model, a Yemenite housewife, a Tibetan yak herder, and an Indian call center operator. Each person is identified by name, occupation, residence, age, height and weight. Each meal and snack food item is specified, along with its portions.

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